Learning Opportunities

NZ Curriculum

classMellons Bay School, like all other state primary schools, follows the New Zealand Curriculum which involves the implementation of national standards in English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Sciences, the Arts and Health and Physical Well Being. The school is fortunate in attracting and maintaining staff with a collectively strong balance of strengths and interests. Staff stability and teamwork continue to be a characteristic of the school. In line with the NZ Curriculum requirements, the school has developed its own inquiry model. The students' learning is linked to the six stages of this model. Each year at least one of them is a focus for the whole school.  Each year the management team develops a curriculum map as part of our planning process view the plan here

As a context for study the students have an opportunity to learn about the history of Howick and Mellons Bay, thus helping them to identify with the area and its values.
All students learn at different rates and bring to school a range of learning experiences. The individual needs of each student are met through a differentiated learning environment. Their learning is carefully monitored and support or enrichment programmes are provided as needed.

For further information on the NZ Curriculum visit the Ministry of Education website www.minedu.govt.nz  Please also view the Educational Review Office website for parent information on asking the right questions at school