Uniform & Stationery



School stationery packs can be purchased from Crandell Peters Paper Plus, Picton Street in Howick, Ph: 09 534 8715.  

The packs can be purchased in-store or online  and will be available before Christmas.

Prices for 2021

Year                            Cost

New entrant -Year 1      $67.50

New entrant - term 3    $47.99

New entrant - term 4    $35.75

Year 1 - returning         $49.99

Year 2                         $68.99

Year 3                         $57.75

Year 4                         $56.75

Year 5                         $50.25

Year 6                         $50.25

Covering Exercise Books

We highly recommend covering all exercise books.  If you dread this job, there is a quick and easy solution!  Ezcover is a much better way to cover school exercise books.  They are  re-usable, recyclable and very easy to put on.  They are 100% NZ made and 100% guaranteed. Many designs and colours are available.

15c per cover is donated to our school.  To double the rebate to our school, enter the following code EZ15 when ordering.

The only way to purchase these covers is online www.ezcover.co.nz  Select our school name to get the rebate for our school.







Mellons Bay School has a fine uniform that attracts many approving comments and projects a favourable image to the public.  Our girls winter tunic is made with 100 % wool that is especially made for us, it is a McMillian tartan from one of the founding families of the area.  Children are expected to wear the uniform correctly not only whilst at school but also to and from school.


Uniform Shop



Term Time Opening Hours:




8.30 - 9.15 am


2.30- 3.15pm


Outside shop hours uniform items may be purchasaed online using the KINDO shop.

To register, please click here

If already registered, please click here 

Items purchased will be delivered to your child's classroom.

Altenatively, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with any queries.

The shop is run by volunteer parents and it contributes to PTA fundraising. They sell a selection of new and second hand uniforms. It is currently situated at the back of the library.

Correct Wearing of the Uniform

We believe all children should take pride in their appearance and in this regard we ask for:-

  • Clean, polished shoes.
  • Long socks should be worn up, garters may be necessary.
  • Shirts tucked in.
  • Singlets and vests not showing at neck lines.
  • Hair fastened back with appropriate clips/bands, we sell these in school colours.
  • Jerseys to be worn properly or taken off, not tied around waists or draped over shoulders.
  • No make-up or jewellery apart from watches.

Please Name Clothing

Please clearly mark all children's clothing as often items go missing. If it is marked, then we are able to return it to the correct owner.


Girls Uniform

   2019 Girls Summer Uniform
Uniform girls winter 2 - web



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Girls Winter Uniform

The winter uniform has been designed with the ability to resize, and most girls only require one winter uniform for their six years at Mellons Bay. Each year they should be dry cleaned only and the hem let down to provide longevity.

There is a made to measure service available at the same cost as the uniform shop dresses if none are suitable. Please see the uniform shop for contact details and ordering. This usually takes two appointments with the dressmaker.  The dressmaker will charge approximately $25 for alterations. Tears in pleats can also be replaced or repaired.

Boys Uniform


2019 Boys Summer uniform

Uniform boys winter - web

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Unisex Uniform

Uniform - pe - web

The sports uniform is worn by students from year 3 through to year 6.

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Stockists of Shoe Schools

  • John Russell Schoolwear - Moore Street, Howick
  • Stomp Kids Shoes - The Terraces Precinct, Wellington Street, Howick
  • Hannahs
  • Number 1 Shoes.

Winter shoes must be totally black with black soles, there should be no coloured soles, flashes of colour or decals.  Shoes need to be fit for purpose and not fashion shoes.  

The preferred requirement is a black leather shoe with a black sole, not a sports shoe.

Second Hand Clothing

The uniform shop is happy to receive donations of second hand uniforms.  They will purchase second hand uniforms that are in excellent condition.  Clothes that are stained, worn thin or poorly repaired cannot be accepted.  We are unable to accept second hand shoes, socks, hair accessories or hats.  Second hand winter dresses need to have been dry cleaned with the dry cleaning label still attached.  If you have second hand clothes to sell please collect a card from the slot outside the uniform shop and fill in the details.  Alternatively the uniform shop volunteers will be able to help you with pricing.