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Dear parents and caregivers

Welcome back to term 4. It is hard to believe we have already come to this part of the year but also exciting to think of all the learning that has occurred. This term is a great time to celebrate and we look forward to all the events coming up. Please check your calendar to make sure you don't miss out on any of the events or celebrations. At the end of last term we celebrated Loud Shirt day and Alicia and Amelia Sun designed their own t-shirts to acknowledge this day. In the last week of last term we participated in the national Shake Out day, where we practised our earthquake drill. The key words for an earthquake are Drop, Cover, and Hold. You might like to talk about this with your child/ren, if you haven't done so already, as it pays for families or organisations to be prepared to survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes– wherever you live,work, or travel.

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Your feedback

Thank you for your responses to the Reporting survey, we hope that you have had a chance to view the results via this link here that we included in our last newsletter. We will not be able to change the format of our end of year format for this year but we are looking at the timing and format of reporting for all of us in 2020. We thank you for your feedback and participation in this survey.This year a statement will be added to the reports so you know where your child is in relation to the expected curriculum level for their time at school.

In past years you will know that National Standards were our markers, however as we know these have been archived and now we work from the New Zealand Curriculum levels. As each child completes two years of schooling they generally move onto a new level. There are therefore approximately three levels that a child will move through in primary school.This graph illustrates the levels, they do not have certain cut off points which is why the bands are blurred. Children can also be at different levels in different curriculum areas.

Years-and-Curriculum-Levels preview

 Teachers do not just use a test to ascertain what level your child is achieving at, they use their Overall Teacher Judgement (OTJ), which is the same process as before. The OTJ made up of formal assessments, (e.g., PAT's) as well as observations and conversations in class with teachers and others. Teachers also consult with each other and through moderation we make sure that we are making fair assessments or judgement in regard to the levels.


We also want to make sure we report on your child's progress throughout the year. We want to ensure our reporting is not just one-way, accountability-focused reporting as it used to be, but becomes information sharing that informs learning. If you would like to find out more, this link might help. We will be sending out another survey to you, which we do every two years, to gain your feedback on our Health and PE programme. This should be coming out this week and we appreciate you talking the time to let us know your thoughts and opinions.


Last week each class participated in planting our seedlings for our propagation unit. This is part of our Trees for Survival project. Thanks to Mrs Costello for her organisation of this project and also to Mr Costello for his support. Mrs Cosetllo's feedback was that the children conducted themselves very well and had lots of fun.


As you will have noticed our new building has made significant progress. It is due to be completed on Monday November 25th which is the same week that we are holding our installation art trail on the Thursday please keep this date free.Installation Art Trail: November 28th 5.00 – 7.00 pm. Don't miss this great opportunity to see what your child and others have been focusing on as part of their installation inspiration.

Working Bee

Your child's teacher may have already contacted you or you may be able to offer your help at our working bee next week on Sunday 10th November. The object of this day is to help your child's class install their "inspiration" or to help out with some general aspects around the school. Please let your teacher know if you can help or Mr Harder will be send a note out shortly.


We would like to confirm that our start dates for next year will be Monday 3rd Feb 2020. Waitangi Day is Thursday 6th February 2020. We will be having a Teacher Only Day on Friday 7th February, so that all of our teachers and some learning assistants are able to participate in First Aid training to be able to assist your child in the playground as well as in the classroom or at any outdoor education events.

Grandparents' Day

Thank you very much to all the Grandparents' and special people that came to celebrate the day with us. We are very blessed with the wonderful talents our children have and fantastic to see them perform with such confidence in front of such a large audience. We hope you enjoyed the time in your grandchild/ren's classroom, and it brought back memories of your primary years (although things are a little different now). We know our students love to share this day with you. 


Ngā Mihi


Colleen Margison