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Dear parents and caregivers

This has been a great term, navigating our learning. You would have received your child's report, which indicates, from the teachers' perspective, what your child has achieved and their next steps. This week, at the student led sharing your child will lead the sharing and will share with you, as well as show you, what they are good at and what they are working on. This ensures that we are all aware of the learning taking place and what needs to be worked on next and how we can all support your child to achieve their next steps.

Some student led sharings have already taken place. Parents and students evaluated together how confident, communicative and creative the children felt they were in regard to sharing their learning. One of the children stated that they thought they were 'developing' in regard to their creativity, "because I have a lot of ideas but sometimes I don't know which one to pick." Most parents stayed for 20-30 minutes during the student led sharing, with one parent saying their child was so excited "because she wanted to show me everything."



We are proud of our children when they show creative and innovative ideas. William Xiang, who was in year 6 last year and is now at BBI, together with his brother Bob (from Macleans College) started up an enterprise called Million Books. Four students went to Guizhou in rural China and took early readers and picture books and taught the children how to read. They are keen to keep this going and if you would like to donate any books, Angela Pye, our librarian, is collecting them. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



BBIWe also congratulate Mira Ren, who appeared on What Now last Sunday, teaching the presenters how to ice skate.

Many of our children were inspired by our Olympic weightlifter, Richie Patterson. Here is Ryan's wonderful letter to Richie, which illustrates resilience.

Richie Patterson Olympic weightlifter

On Thursday, 25 June Richie Patterson came to my school to talk to the senior students. He talked about how he never gave up his dream of being a champion weightlifter and his drive to get his goal. His ultimate goal was to get a gold medal in the Commonwealth games.

I really enjoyed Richie's talk because he encouraged me to keep on trying and never give up on your goals. I want to get better at reading because I have dyslexia and ADHD so it is hard for me to read and concentrate like other kids. Reading is hard for me, it's like I am trying to push a massive weight over my head like Richie. I sometimes struggle with the words in the book just like Richie struggled to push the weights over his head. I don't always succeed, I struggle a lot!

What I learnt from Richie was that he kept on trying and never gave up even though he had to put lots of hours and effort into getting to the Commonwealth games. He showed resilience which is one of the Mellons Bay Ways. Richie couldn't do it by himself. He had his parents, family, friends and coaches to support him. I need help too just like Richie. I have my mum, my dad, my teacher Mrs Elliott and my learning assistant. They are the best because they support me too.

After he had finished his excellent talk he showed us how to be a weightlifter and I was pretty good at it if I don't say so myself! When everybody had left the hall I bravely went up to Mr Patterson and told him I was going to write about him. He said he was looking forward to reading it.

I was really lucky because he let me hold his medals. His gold medals! He told me that I had the perfect body for a weightlifter because I am short and stocky just like him. He showed me that you don't have to be the biggest to be the best and you can you can always try again if you don't succeed.

Thank you for coming to Mellons Bay School to teach us about the Olympic spirit and weightlifting as a sport. I really enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed Mellons Bay.

By Ryan Grant

Room 1

Mellons Bay School








 We want our children to arrive at school safely and to have a great start to their day of learning. Your parking and dropping them off in the correct place and in the correct way assists this successful start to the day.

If you use the drop off zone in front of the school, please let the children get out themselves. If they can't, you will need to park and walk the children into school, as this area is just that, a drop off zone. There is not time to get out bags and unload as this takes time and holds people up.

Please consider where and how you are dropping your child off. We want to be able to continue to use the drop off zone successfully.

I wish you all a safe and happy term break and look forward to a great term of learning in Term 3.

Ngā Mihi


Colleen Margison