Welcome to Mellons Bay School


Mellons Bay School was opened in February 1960 as a small community school in a coastal setting. It has retained a strong sense of community despite it now being an urban school with approximately 500 students. Past and present students and family maintain strong links with the school. The Board of Trustees, Parent Teacher Association and staff value highly this commitment and appreciate greatly the ongoing support of the wider community.

The school has maintained a strong positive culture throughout the years. It is mindful of long standing traditions and values and ensures these are always considered as improvements to learning opportunities are made. The staff is committed to provide a wide range or experiences both withing the classroom environment and as extra-curricular activities. We are very proud of the way we celebrate the bicultural nature of New Zealand. A very large kapa haka group participates in the local festival each year. The school assemblies are an opportunity for celebrating student learning and successes. The merit cups which are awarded each week are highly valued by students, staff and families. Certificates are awarded to students who uphold the school's values.

The primary school years are the beginning of the formal learning journey. Literacy and numeracy are the main focus in the early years. Staff participate in professional development to ensure they are kept abreast of current research. Resources are maintained to a high level to support learning.

To prepare each student for the next stage in their learning journey, we endeavour to support them to become independent, enthusiastic learners with a thirst for knowledge. To achieve this there needs to be a strong partnership between the school and home.

Visitors are welcome at the school. Please contact the school office to arrange a visit.


Learning to Navigate our Changing World with Respect, Resilience and Responsibility.

This statement underpins everything the school community sets out to achieve. It is the community's wish that Mellons Bay students leave the school with a love of learning and a desire to continue the learning journey. The students are taught to be reflective practitioners who recognise the importance of being in charge of their own learning.

Vision As we are all Learning to navigate our changing world The Mellons Bay Way  
Values We demonstrate Respect, Resilience, Responsibility
Learner Profile So that we become Confident, Communicative, Caring, Creative and Connected


 Please click here to view The Mellons Bay Way.

School Wide Matrix Draft

Values - Learner Profile

As our students move through Mellons Bay School they will develop the values, knowledge and competencies of the following 5C's:5cs Complete with Te Reo

  • Communicative - students can communicate their learning and ideas effectively and are active listeners.
  • Creative - students are enthusiastic and curious about new learning and can present their thinking in innovative and original ways.
  • Confident - students are risk-takers, motivated and resourceful learners who strive for personal best.
  • Connected - Students can relate well to others, respect differences, take responsibility for the environment and be active members of the school and wider community.
  • Caring - I show kindness and concern for others and the environment.



The seahorse emblem is much loved by current and past students alike. The founding principal, Mr McNauhton along with teachers, PTA and students chose the seahorse as it reflects the coastal location of the school and, like human beings, the seahorse has many unique characteristics in its makeup.


"Knowledge is Strength"

Our Motto summaries many of the aims and ideals of the school.
Knowledge brings more than just facts and figures. It is concerned with our own capabilities:

  • that we can improve and develop further at any time
  • that other people have similar feelings and emotions
  • what has been learned in the past will help us today, tomorrow and to plan for the future.

Guiding Principles

To support the vision the school will:

  • Deliver teaching and learning programmes which meet the needs of all students and prepare them for the future.
  • Provide relevant experiences which will foster a love of learning and an understanding of learning pathways.
  • Acknowledge the bicultural foundations and value the cultural diversity of New Zealand.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with the school community.

School Houses


There are four school houses:

  • Dolphin          
  • Triton             
  • Octopus          
  • Marlin             

They have been part of the school since its inception. Each student is placed in a house on enrolment at school. Every effort is made to place each student in the same house as other siblings and even the same as their parents or grandparents if desired.  On sports days, students wear a   t-shirt the colour of their house.


Adult volunteers take religious instruction for the students of year 3 to 6 for a half hour session each Thursday in their classroom with a Mellons Bay School teacher present.   The volunteers follow the Launchpad - Christian Values Education Programme.  Students may attend the sessions with their parents permission.

An alternative series of sessions is offered to students not attending religious instruction.  This is facilitated by Mellons Bay School teachers.

Both options begin in term 2 and finish by the middle of term 4.


The Board 2022 to 2025

The following school parents were elected in 2022 and will serve a term of 3 years, when there will be further elections. A role on the Board is voluntary.

The Mellons Bay School principal and staff value the input and governance of these elected parents.  Please support the board by participating in the school donation and PTA fundraising. The Board meets monthly and meetings are open to the public, with copies of agendas made available.

Board meeting dates are included on the school calendar and online. 



Staff Organisation for 2022



Current ERO Report

Mellons Bay School Board of Trustees is pleased to be able to share with you the 2017 Education Review Office (ERO) report.  Click here to view report  

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is a group of parents whose purpose is to improve communication between school and home as well as raising funds for the school in order to provide equipment and resources which directly benefit the children.

They meet once a month on a Tuesday night, 7.30pm in the staff room.

The Principal and staff attend these meetings as well. All parents are welcome to attend. It is a good way to find out what is going on in the school – current issues, events and activities.

For further information on the PTA, click here

School Teams

The school is divided into three teams:

  • Junior – New Entrants, Years 1 and 2
  • Middle – Years 3 and 4
  • Senior – Years 5 and 6

Each team works together to support the school's strategic goals. Various activities take place at the team level. Whole school activities and celebrations are also planned annually. These occasions are seen as essential for keeping the school culture alive and flourishing.

School Hours


8.20am – 8.45 am

Kea Crossing operating on Mellons Bay Road opposite the school


Students may enter the classrooms and the office is open


School begins

10.40 – 11.00am


12.30 – 1.30pm

Lunch break


School finishes

3.00pm – 3.15pm

Kea Crossing operating


Office closed

School Standards

The school avoids having a list of rules. The students are taught that safety, respect and consideration drive the expectations of behaviour.


The school focuses on positive behaviour and uses house points and class reward systems. If there is a serious discipline issue, then parents are contacted.


The school has procedures in place to ensure the children are safe. It is fully fenced and the gates are shut between 9.00am and 2.30pm.


Communication Between School And Parent


Complaints Policy


2022 Term Dates


Term One

Wednesday 2 February to Thursday 14 April

Term Two

Monday 2 May to Friday 8 July

Term Three

Monday 25 July to Friday 30 September

Term Four

Monday 17 October to Thursday 15 December