The school has procedures in place to ensure the children are safe. It is fully fenced and the gates are shut between 9.00am and 2.30pm.

Road safety is taught in the junior school. Parents are reminded about safe practices related to the drop off and collection of children. Safe places to cross Mellons Bay Road are identified. To cycle to school each student must seek permission from the deputy principal.

During the school day a variety of practices take place to ensure the students are safe.

There are teachers on duty at interval and lunch time.

Early arrivers at school sit outside the hall until the 8.30am bell. Teachers are in their rooms from 8.30am

The sick bay is managed by the office staff who have current first aid certificates.

In terms one and four it is compulsory for students to wear sunhats when they are outside.

The students are encouraged to apply sunblock before coming to school and to have a supply in their bags for use during the day.

Visitors to the school must sign in at the office before accessing the classrooms.

Students leaving the school during the day must be signed out at the office.

If your child is going to be absent from school it is essential that contact by phone, email or letter be made. The office staff members follow up all unexplained absences on a daily basis.

On enrolment, parents are asked to complete an internet policy approval agreement. This outlines the school policy on internet access.

The student's emotional safety is also monitored carefully. The police programmes Kia Kaha and Keep Oursevles Safe are delivered in alternate years. Both these programmes deal with bullying and support of each other. Each class has a buddy class to further develop relationships in the school.