School Structure

Complaints Policy

An agreed procedure has been established so that parents and caregivers will always know
how and in what circumstances they should contact the principal, individual teachers or Board of Trustees members. Where parent or caregivers feel their child is not benefiting from the principles of the school charter. If the concern is related to classroom learning, social interaction or home situations that could affect the child's learning development, an appointment should be made to discuss the problem with the classroom teacher. If this discussion fails to achieve satisfactory results, either the classroom teacher or the parent or caregiver should consult with the class syndicate leader, assistant principal or deputy principal.

Should the matter still not be resolved, then the principal's advice should be sought. Where
parents or caregivers have a concern about a particular teacher and feel unable to approach that teacher or syndicate leader, or if the concern involves a sensitive home problem, the curriculum, or overall running of the school, the following procedures should be followed:-

An appointment should be made with the principal. Where matters are deemed serious enough, the principal will maintain written documentation about the consultation. This will assist in following up matters if necessary or in reporting matters to the Board of Trustees.

If, after consultation with the principal, the parent or caregiver still feels the matter has not been settled satisfactorily, a signed complaint in writing should be forwarded directly to the Board of Trustees for consideration at the next Board of Trustees meeting.