Personal Details

During the course of the school day, photos may be taken of student learning. From time to time we may like to use photographs of your child for school noticeboard displays, school newsletters, school website and special articles in the local paper. Please advise if you do not wish for photos to be made available for this purpose.

The PTA compiles a class list for parents. This list is used to organise class social activities or play dates with class friends. Please advise if you do not wish for contact details to be made available for this purpose.

Privacy Act

Your child's enrolment at Mellons Bay School will involve the school in collecting certain personal information from either yourself or from third parties as authorised by you.

As an agency which collects and holds personal information, the school in terms of the Privacy Act 1993 must advise you of certain matters.

a) Information provided by you personally

You have provided or may be required to provide the school with certain personal information regarding your child or yourself. Your child's file is confidential. While the school holds personal information you have provided, you possess certain rights. These are:

The right to request us to return to you the personal information you provide.
The right to request access to the personal information you supplied to us.
The right to request us to correct any personal information you supplied to us.
The school reserves the right to use any personal information collected or created for the benefit of the child and the efficient running of the school.

b) Information created by the school

In the course of your child's schooling certain information will be brought into existence by the school, its employees and agents. Such information will include but will not necessarily be limited to:

interview notes.
evaluation reports of your child.
evaluations and assessments prepared by Social Welfare, Public Health and/or Public Dental Service.
Records and documents of the above type will at all times be the property of the school. Accordingly, information created by the school will only be disclosed to you at the discretion of the school.

c) Passing personal information to another school

The school would like your permission to pass on the personal information about your child (ie your child's school record) to any other school that child may attend, eg a new primary school or intermediate school. This is done as a matter of course at present.

You are asked to sign the enrolment form approving the above. Without your permission the information will be held at Mellons Bay School until released by you.

It is in your child's best interests that this information is passed on quickly and efficiently to their next school. If any other agency requests information about your child you will be consulted before that information is passed on.