Pre-School Programme & Visits

New Entrant Pre-Visit

At Mellons Bay we have a pre-entry programme for children about to start school.  This involves time in the classroom, meeting the teacher and becoming familiar with our routines and classroom environment. Children and their parents/caregivers are invited to attend a pre-school morning from 9:30am to 11:00am.  The Deputy Principal will share relevant information about the school and support for preparing your child for starting school.  There will also be time available to discuss entry procedure and class routines. The children are welcome to stay for our morning tea/interval, 10.40 until 11.00. Please check with the office for visit dates if you have not received your invite.

We suggest the visit day closest to your child's start day. Please phone the office prior to the visit day you wish to attend so that we are prepared and expecting you.