School Funding & Costs

Ministry of Education funding

Mellons Bay School is classed as a decile 10 school by the Ministry of Education. This means that the school is in a high socio-economic area and therefore, receives the lowest level of Ministry of Education funding.
The funding received is not enough to provide the high level of service and resources the students need.

School Donation

This school, like all schools in our local area, has for many years, had a policy of seeking a yearly donation from parents. The donation scheme is well supported and enables the Board of Trustees to pay for the many costs associated with providing and maintaining up to date levels of all the wonderful equipment and resources we have. Parents are therefore asked to contribute each year the amount suggested by the Board of Trustees.
The payment of the donation is preferable early in the school year to enable forward budgeting; however, there is an option to make payments each term. If making a contribution proves difficult, parents are invited to discuss this with the Principal, in confidence, and can make other arrangements for the spread of payment.
The current school donation is $360 per child per annum and it is capped at $700 for 2 children or more.  Click here for bank account details


The PTA organises various fundraising activities throughout the year. Whilst participation in these is optional, the Board relies on fundraising to purchase classroom and school resources and equipment that is essential to each students learning.
The parent school donation and PTA fundraising is spent on improving students' learning outcomes. Participation by parents enables the school to: lower class sizes, keep the swimming pool open, employ a music and drama specialist teacher, provide sporting opportunities, employ Learning Assistants to support classroom learning in years 1 and 2, maintain and develop the library and maintain the hall.You can be assured that your donation and fundraising efforts will directly benefit your child's education.

Activity Fees

The payment of activity fees is compulsory. These payments include items such as school camps, field trips, visiting speakers and performers, elective programmes, Life Education programme and so on. They may vary each year depending on your child's programme of study. Parents will be informed prior to these events.

International Students

There is a separate enrolment process and schedule of fees and costs for International Students, click here for more details.