School Zones

The Ministry of Education requires the school to have an enrolment scheme which is outlined below.
All students living in the home zone (shown on the map) are entitled to enroll at the school at any time.

The geographical home area of Mellons Bay School includes all the homes as follows:

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Please click here to view a list of in zone streets.

Macleans Road -  from Macleans College even number 120 – 136 only;

Bleakhouse Road - from Ridge Road through to the top of Macleans Road - odd number 1 - 105 and all roads on that side are in zone, even numbers 2 - 98 are out of zone.  From the top of Macleans Road including all road off either sides to its end;

Ridge Road, Odd numbers 35-47 only;

Picton Street, even numbers 2 – 60 only;

Uxbridge Road - all homes included in the zone.

Parents of four year olds are encouraged to enrol early. Please feel free to contact the office to pre-enrol and/or arrange for a school tour This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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