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Christmas 2022

We did it – we have come to the end of our 2022 school year together. As a community we know that we can rise together to support each other. We encourage our own and other’s children coming to school and participating at school, we engage with learning activities and we form a truly wonderful school community.

I wish you could see the faces of the children and hear their screams of delight as they participated in our Fun Day. Thank you to those parents who have supported our Fun Day, you have enabled us to meet our Health and Safety Regulations. Also a big thanks to Mrs Lara Kendall who organised this for the first time this year.

Many thanks need to be given to those people that have helped through the year.

We are blessed to have had so many activities and events throughout this year. This is due to our wonderful teaching and office staff, learning assistants, as well as you as our parent and whānau support . Our children have experienced so many rich and exciting experiences.

In the first 5/6 weeks of the school year we focus on setting our students up for success and learning how to learn at their new level. In the last 5/6 weeks of the year we celebrate the learning that has occured throughout the year. The final assemblies are a joy to watch and it is wonderful to see our children display such confidence on the stage as they communicate with the audience as well as being connected, creative and caring individuals.

It has been my pleasure to read all the reports of our students and I have enjoyed reading their own student voice about the dispositions of our Learner Profile i.e., our 5Cs.

We as adults can think our children are more confident etc., but we need to ask our children to find out what they think of these dispositions for themselves. 

Kate in year 1/2 said: I had to be confident when I went on stage to get a certificate. I felt scared to start with. But now I feel braver.

Ashley in year 2 said: The first time I was nervous going up on stage, but I became braver each time I did it.

Kady in year 2 said: I was caring when I asked someone to play with me, when they didn’t have a friend.

Sharon in year 2 said: I feel more confident to make good choices. It helps me drive my learning.

Jackson in year 4 said: I am more resilient now, because I kept running in the Cross Country.  Even when it was hard

Adelaide in year 4 said: I felt creative when I was drawing. I could put my feelings on paper.

Michael in year 4 said: I was resilient when my reading was hard. I didn’t give up, I just kept going.

Tia in year 5 said: I can stand up in front of others and share my speech, it’s scary and nerve wracking but I can manage it.

Vienne in year 5 said: I was caring this year when I helped a friend, who had been away to catch up with their writing.  I told her what she needed to do.

Ethan in year 6 said: One of my favourite memories was when it was assembly and they announced my name as a School Leader.  I had wanted that for so long, and it was such a proud moment. I have helped a lot of people along the way.  It was amazing. I felt unstoppable.  

I would like to take this time to thank you for a great year.  I am so looking forward to learning with you next year as we navigate 2023. I wish all our year 6 parents and families all the best as they move onto the next stage of their learning and hope they will come back to see us and let us know how our Learner Profile and values, aka The Mellons Bay Way, has helped them navigate their world as it changes around them.  

I want to thank all of our staff that work in our school, no matter what capacity as they all contribute to making our school such a great school.

Thank you to The Board for your commitment to the governance of our school. We acknowledge the outgoing Board members Roy Sun and our past Presiding Member Matt Ward. A big thanks also to our PTA for their time ang energy in organising the fundraising. A special thanks to Dawn Gillard who has handed the reins over to Yvonne Goodwin and Ana Kireka.

May you all have a wonderful, restful, safe Christmas and New Year with family and friends.

I would like to share my year 6 graduation speech with you below.  Some may like to share it again with their child.



Things are busy at this time of year - but it is wonderful to celebrate our year together.

Our school vision as you know is Learning to Navigate our Changing world – nothing could be more apt. 

I have been busy reading reports.  I have read a report of a child in year 2  - where we have asked for student voice. Under Confident it reads:

I have learnt to make good choices which help me drive my learning.

I went back and talked to the teacher. It is indeed the child’s comment and in class they talk about driving their learning,  like driving a car. As a year 2 student, it made me think - what does this mean and what does this mean to each child as you leave MBS?  

To the year 6 students, I am going to ask you to think about driving your learning as you leave MBS.

You are not old enough yet for the keys. But there is plenty of time to practice.

Some of you may think of the car you might like to drive and think of it like your learning:  

a practical Toyota, a flash Lamborghini, a clean green efficient machine, or a Mr Bean Mini!

Whatever you drive, I ask you to be careful out there on the road, careful out there in your future. I’m going to ask you to think about driving as a metaphor for your learning and life ahead of you.

When you are driving you will come to cross roads where you have to make choices, 

•   Left or right or straight ahead? 

  • Follow my friends or not?
  • Do the right thing or not?

When you are driving ask yourself - Do I cut corners - is it safe? 

  • Do I just take the easy way out? 
  • or do I put in the mahi to make the trip worthwhile

Do I swerve from lane to lane or do I stick to what I know is right?

Am I in the right place, at the right time and am I doing the right thing?

Do I need to indicate where I’m going?  So people can see and understand me.

Do I need to ask for help (I would if there is smoke coming out of anywhere) 

  • It's ok to ask for help
  • Because that’s how you get back on the road.

Do I stick to the speed limit, or do I race around beating everyone no matter what?

Please be safe - think of others 

Or am I Trying to zip through things quickly? 

  • It doesn’t always get you to where you want to be 
  • It doesn’t always mean you end up in the same condition either.

Road Rage – have you ever seen or heard of this?   Mum or Dad?

  • Remember when you are driving the only one who will hear you or be affected by you are those in the car with you.
  • All the yelling and hand signals will make no difference to others.

Think of strategies as you drive (your learning) and remember to breathe.

Remember to feel the breeze when you can and enjoy the ride.

Remember to ask others to join you - you don’t have to do everything alone.

Remember your values and the Learner Profile - take the MBS Way with you and it will help you with navigating the roads and pathways ahead of you.

Remember to come back and show us how your driving is going - you’ve got this!

Another report I read was from a year 6 student who was a main character in our production and he felt proud and unstoppable. Apart from Red lights I wish that you may feel unstoppable too!

To the parents and whānau - I thank you for all your support over the years.

Your child started at MBS when I did, 6 years ago.  I have brought their tea towel and they will be with me whenever I wash the dishes!

We are a great community and I thank you for your contribution in making this such a great school.

To the students I thank the teachers over all your years for the work that they have put in place to enable you to leave our school as the great young people you are. We are very proud of you all


I wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope you get to spend time with family and friends.


Ngā mihi nui


Colleen Margison

Learning to Navigate our Changing World