Important Message - Meet the Teacher - Thursday 17 February

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We have had a fantastic start to the New Year.

Our children are already learning to navigate their changing world to access new classrooms at school during the Red Traffic Light system.

As the new regulations specify we need to hold larger group meetings via Zoom. This year our Meet the Teacher event lends itself well to this.

Your child's teacher will send you a Zoom link for your meeting.

The times for these meetings online are:

Meet the Teacher 17th February Week 3

6:30pm Years NE, 1 and 2

7:00pm. Years 3 and 4

7:30pm Years 5 and 6

This is a chance to find out about routines and expectations for your child's class, as well as the annual direction of  the school this year.

At the end of the teacher session there will be a video from our Principal, Colleen Margison to address the parents.

Please mark the time and date on your calendars.

Your class teacher will send out a Zoom link for your session.

We look forward to seeing you via zoom. 

Yours sincerely

Lara Kendall
Deputy Principal.